Partner with a healthy brand and build a growing business.

Own, operate and profit with The Smoothie Shop while making a positive difference in your community.

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A Smoothie Shop franchise is a great way to make a living and give back to your community.

  • Align with an iconic Kansas City brand
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of business ownership
  • Have a positive work-life balance while being a business owner

  • Improve people’s lives one smoothie at a time

Other smoothie franchise options are too large to offer personalized care and close support to their franchisees
The Smoothie Shop has been thriving for 12 years and provides a solid blueprint without you having to start a business from scratch
Create an ideal work-life structure that works for you and your employees. The Smoothie Shop has a very high employee satisfaction and retention rate

Competitive Franchise Fees

Our franchise fee is highly competitive and costs less to start up compared with other restaurant concepts

Marketing Services

Get help with marketing services provided by Diffactory

SBA Approved

We are on the SBA Franchise Directory making your franchised business eligible for SBA financing

Multiple Revenue Streams

Smoothies, supplements (S’upp) and e-commerce provide many ways to generate income

Comprehensive Training

Every employee gets fully trained by our expert support team

Healthier & Happier

Purchasing a franchise can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time – and we know you have so many choices! The Smoothie Shop owners have extensive franchising expertise and are well equipped to help new franchise owners get their business up and running.

After 12 years of success, The Smoothie Shop is an easily recognizable brand which focuses on using quality ingredients and provides solid nutritional guidance. The Smoothie Shop’s goal is to help the community stay nutritious and for franchisee’s to earn a high return on their investment.

Business ownership is a challenging endeavor to embark on all on your own. That is why The Smoothie Shop is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their own Smoothie Shop, an established and thriving brand! When you own a franchise, business risk is reduced. The smoothie business is a $2.2 billion dollar market that continues to grow, and The Smoothie Shop wants to continue to grow with integrity.
The Smoothie Shop makes health easily accessible by delivering nutritious, great-tasting options. Unlike some of our competitors, our welcoming environment is healthy in more ways than one. We create a space where everyone can work toward achieving their personal goals and feel great about it!

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