Who We Are

Health + Wealth

We’re committed to providing our store owners with a flexible platform to achieve their goals, their way. By providing support and guidance, our intention is to help each store owner thrive and rise as wellness ambassadors within their individual communities and expand this mission nationwide.

When you join The Smoothie Shop family, you’ll be backed by an exceptionally experienced support team that will mentor you through the franchising process.
We have leadership that specializes in marketing, business development, legal expertise and nutrition, so we have every aspect of the business covered for you.

In addition to delicious, healthy smoothies you will have the added revenue stream of our proprietary supplements (S’upp) and e-commerce which provide additional high margin income.

Join us in inspiring others to embrace healthy living with smoothies and supplements!

Kevin Oldham – Co-Owner

Since we can’t call him the Smoothie King (you know, due to trademark reasons), we’ll just call him the Smoothie Boss. Or Smoothie Sensei. Or Smoothie VIP. As the co-owner of The Smoothie Shop, Kevin’s in charge of all the marketing and sales — helping grow the brand so our franchisee can scale their business. And if you thought that he’s just a behind-the-desk, at-the-office kind of guy, think again. Kevin loves stopping into our shops and talking with customers — hearing their unique stories about how The Smoothie Shop fits into their fitness and nutrition goals. In fact, he says these visits give him energy (although we’re pretty sure he also takes a supplement for that, because he’s got enthusiasm to spare). Kevin’s a family-first kind of guy (with skateboarding and Taekwondo coming in second). As for his favorite smoothie flavor? Easy, that would be the No-Bake Cookie!

Tim Denker – Co-Owner

Tim is our CFO, legal guy and doer-of-whatever-Kevin-doesn’t-cover. And that’s just at The Smoothie Shop. Tim counts his job as having many jobs, which is why the people who work with him describe him as “overcommitted” (in the best possible way, of course). You could say his entrepreneurial efforts are as diverse — and satisfying — as our vast array of smoothie flavors. Speaking of which, Tim’s go-to is the Funky Monkey.